Oh my God. I hate writing bios. I’ve written dozens, you’d think I’d be used to it by now. But every time, it just feels like arrogance to say anything positive about myself, and self-deprecating to do anything else. I recently came across a person whose job it was to write bios for others. GENIUS!! It’s easy to talk up the awesome in someone else! Gladly I would pay someone to ramble on about how fantastic I am.

But I’m a poor starving artist. So here’s all about me. In my own voice.


I am a Portland musical theatre actress and massage therapist currently suffering the beginnings of some ferocious sun withdrawal. Hello. My name is Catherine and I have a sun addiction. It’s an expensive habit, one that requires yearly trips out of the soggy city of Roses, and last January, I underwent and incredible adventure that involved taking a month off of work and traveling around California, as well as helping a friend drive across the country: LA to New York, me taking the last four-hour bus ride up to Boston.

I know what you’re thinking: Boston in January? Did you forget which hemisphere you were living in? Um…no…it was really freaking cold. BUT! There was all this beautiful sun and actual snow! Snow! What non-Portlanders do not realize is that while it never gets too terribly cold…the rain, the damp, the clouds, the grey, they come storming in around October and like a dementer from the Harry Potter universe, puts its cold, clammy mouth up to yours, and sucks your soul out through your face!!

Wow, Bridge. Hell of an uplifting bio so far. I’m ready to crawl back to bed with my hot water bottle and an IV of Jim Beam until next April!

The moral of the story is…I’m dealing with it! This is fantastic news, both for my own self-preservation, and for you! I’m not the only one who gets massively bummed out by the weather. So occasionally you and I will be doing each other favors and posting our own methods for out-lasting the winter blues.

Ok. Enough about that.

Another thing that I frequently write about is my life as a performer! This I can genuinely say that I love with all of my heart and it does help keep me sane. Except when it doesn’t. More on that later. I perform with various musical theatre companies around town. I only do work I believe will be fun, a good challenge and pays me.

This last stipulation was one that came to me after a few years doing this work, not at the beginning. Would I say to every new performer, “don’t work for free”? Absolutely not! Working for free gave me lots of experiences, some terrible and infinitely valuable. Sometimes it takes a massive f*** up to learn something. You can’t buy that.

Lastly, I am working (slowly) to start an aromatherapy business with a focus on women’s health. What do I know about starting a business? Nothing. My progress is painfully, agonizingly slow. I’m reading blogs and books and listening to podcasts and sage advice from people who have done it themselves. And whenever I feel like I have something valuable to say, or more likely a lesson in what not to do, I’ll be posting about that!

Other than that, I write about whatever the heck I want.

I think that about sums it up! Not too arrogant or self-deprecating, right? I’m sure I’ll be guilty of both crimes at later times, but hey, I’m not perfect. That would be boring.

Happy readings! Thanks for lasting this long!

Catherine Bridge

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